Stephen Averill’s journey in design began in his early teens. Mainly spurred on by his love of music and being a child of the 60s he arrived a classic time for album artwork. He began by creating cover for the 7” vinyl sleeves for the singles he brought that came in plain white covers. Graphics became his natural career path and in the early 70s he joined Dublin agency Arks Advertising, working on a number of campaigns for carpets and consumables. 

Having been involved in counter culture since the 60s - including dj-ing in a club called Middle Earth and founding a fanzine Freep - he naturally gravitated to the emerging punk movement he formed The Radiators from Space as singer, writer as well as graphic designer. Stephen left the band after their first album to concentrate on design and shortly after was approached by an the bass player of a band who would become hugely successful. That meeting would become a career catalyst leading to one of the longest running creative partnerships in music and design history. 

Having become Creative Director of The Helme Partnership he decided that he wanted to concentrate on design and set up the consultancy Works Associates. This company evolved through many iterations of location and personnel into AMP Visual where he worked with such clients as U2, Elvis Costello, Depeche Mode, The Mavericks and The Script. 

This year Stephen decided it was time to explore new horizons outside of the company environment as an independent art director taking with him his many years of experience and enthusiasm. He also continues to perform with the Trouble Pilgrims the band that evolved from The Radiators as well as editing the online Americana fanzine Lonesome Highway which he founded to cover his interest in that genre. He has also lectured about his experiences in Ireland, the US and UK.

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